Make new friends, but keep the Old

Last night Blaine and I were commiserating about friendship, and how as we get older our best of friends feel further away. Of course a good friend is always a good friend, and even if you haven’t seen each other in month, you slip back into the comradery, but. That’s starting to feel like an excuse.  In high school and college, you’re in close enough proximity to your friends that it’s incredibly easy to take them for granted. I don’t know if it’s actually happening, or if it’s just through the lens of this totally emo filter I’ve been developing over the last few years, but I feel a few of my best of friends slipping away: towards marriage, towards careers, just slipping in general. Or  it is me that is actually slipping? I’m frustrated with them but also with myself. It hasn’t been often that I’ve really asked myself, am I a good friend to my friends? And so  I partially dedicate 2013 to nurturing my best friendships and refusing to let them die. By God, I will send letters and flowers. I will make phone calls and trips and spend life savings on flights and hours perusing obscure gift stores for presents that remind my best friends that I love and know them still. In summation, I will become the most persistent, annoying and loving friend there ever was.

(The remaining portion of 2013 is dedicated to maybe running a half marathon, further embracing this re-introduction to Church,writing a simple, honest, hilarious screenplay a la The Promised Land which made me want to do so,  apparently putting more links in my blog like this one, and the awesome, soon to be picture Frye boots that Augie got me for Christmas.)

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