Working til 2 AM can turn you into quite the petulant child, especially when, on the drive home, you’re met with a one lane highway and traffic backed up for miles: the road authority people having robbed innocent drivers of the ONLY THING that makes driving home at 2 AM kind of okay. This injustice should provide context for the fact that this morning, when I was attempting to sleep and was rudely awoken by cleaning,  I thought to myself, The housekeeper should really wait until I’m up to vacuum the hallway and stairs. As these words lingered in my brain, I realized how this was, in fact, one of my douchiest thoughts to date.  Also, I never had a housekeeper growing up. How and when did I become so accustomed to one that my moral subconscious was generating rules for her?  I got up and immediately hopped a plane to the Holocaust museum.

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