Martini Shot!

On set, I’ve been learning all kinds of cool TV terms like ‘second team’ and ‘last looks’ and ‘headset.’ I think my most favorite new term is Martini shot, or, the last shot of the day. It’s magically disappointing each time when a martini does not  appear. The fervor with which it’s shouted, you’d think that a girl in a cocktail dress brings you a cocktail, immediately. In my coffee stupor, I’ve come up with a few more terms:

125% Bagel shot: when you’ve been there 2 hours and it’s only 9 am and you’re just waiting to turn around, and so you gift yourself with even MORE bagel, out of boredom, for warmth.

Nap Shot: when you strongly consider finding somewhere to sleep on the floor.

Fruit Snack shot: self explanatory.

Grad school shot: when you give a note that makes you feel incredibly useful and important, and you joke, I didn’t go to grad school for nothin! but inside, you plead, please let me not have gone to grad school for nothing.

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