After class, Instructor Valerie, weighing 10 pounds, sporting some sort of bathing suit, tells me it’ll get easier. When I ask her how many classes I have to take until I don’t feel seconds from death or rebirth the entire time, she says that the more often I do it, the better, because when I feel dizzy, it’s actually my body releasing toxins (assorted Trader Joe’s seasonal snacks, vodka, bad pitches, string cheese, the number of times I’ve watched the trailer for the Carrie Diaries.) The more toxins I release, the better I’ll feel, and good things will happen with my insulin and my pancreas. But Valerie, is it really the toxins that make me dizzy? Or is it the 105 degrees we’re standing in, or being in such close proximity to 50 other people basically in their underwear? Which is it? Either way, weirdly,  it hurts really, really good.

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