See post-Sandy Staten Island, where the NYC marathon begins, near the Verrazano Bridge –  which, it’s just been announced, is still on.

If you’re curious, I’m not sure how I feel about it. On the one hand, it makes a certain sense: re-establishing the city’s normalcy, pride, functionality after a disaster. But that makes more sense if it had been an act of terrorism, like, take THAT, terrorists! We will force ourselves to run 26 miles ANYWAYS! You cannot deter us from doing the strange and optimistic things we usually do. But this was a natural disaster. Who is it exactly that we were sticking it to? Take THAT, the planet! You cannot stop us from doing our human things? (Technically, it can.)

So much of BK and NYC are relatively unscathed – it seems like people are neglecting the extent of the devastation. It’s like last year’s Irene: after it came and went, with little to no damage to our city, we joked and called it Borene and drank Hurricanes, for sport. Meanwhile, large parts of Vermont and upstate New York got completely nailed. Point being: we need to focus on the big picture.

– Paid for by the Brunstetter for NYC’s most ineffectual Mayor Ever, yet the first Mayor with Bangs, 2016.

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