In case you’re wondering how many days it took me to scratch my new car, it was exactly five. A villainous rock formation at the foot my my driveway LEPT OUT OF NOWHERE and scratched the front bumper up pretty good. Clearly it had nothing to do with negligence, but was a vicious attack. It’s going to cost $300 to fix, or: nearly a plane ticket to new york, one month’s worth of car payments, three nice dresses, 12 crappy dresses, or a month a half’s worth of toss your own salads. I think I’m going to have it fixed, for vanity’s sake. I just can’t accept the fact that I can’t even go a week with a new car without finding some way to damage it. In the meantime, I’ve been playing this fun game called At least it’s not scratched as bad as THAT! In which I look at other cars with scratches, and revel in other car owner’s dismay. I’ve also been playing At Least I Didn’t Injure Anyone, Or Get Injured. Looking at pictures also helps. At Least my Car isn’t scratched as bad as these Cars:

I mean, those cars are scratched pretty bad.

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