On knowing things, and how to Know them

I had an awesome Switched at Birth first day of school today, lovely on all fronts from snacks to ideas to work ethic to people. I ALSO learned something new, or at least, realized something totally obvious that I should have realized nine years ago. When it comes to playwriting, I can be kind of a snob about how important it is to write about your own experiences / fears / wants. But then sometimes, I get completely tapped. Today in the room, I heard tons of I read this amazing article about this or I heard this amazing piece on Fresh Air about that. Writers were pitching story after story based on things they’d heard / read, sort of combined with world views and personal experience. I felt really inspired to develop a better routine in terms of devouring articles and books. In summation, duh, Brunstetter. Pay more attention to the world, and get your head out of your Ask your Father.

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