I Will Please have one Car Machine, Please.

AND SO! I’m moving back to LA to write for ABC Family’s hit show, Switched at Birth, which I think is really slyly innovative and honest and great. See nice things that smart people are saying about the show HERE. This LA go around, I’m going to do it a bit more for real, ie, I will be purchasing or leasing a car. My Dad has hooked me up with a friend with a dealership. I really can’t wait for the initial car conversation, which will go something like:

CAR PERSON: What kind of car are you interested in?


CAR PERSON: Okay, great, but is there a certain sort of type that you like, are you looking for something compact, or –

ME: No wait. I saw this weird car a few weeks ago, it was sort of brown? It was this really cool brown. It was like a brownie, but a car. I’d like that car, please.

CAR PERSON: What kind of car was it?

ME: Brown?

CAR PERSON: Let’s start over. What kind of features are important to to you?

ME:….Can charge my phone while driving?

CAR PERSON: Great, what else?

ME: Windows? Doors? Wheels?

CAR PERSON: This conversation is over.

ME: I’m calling my Dad.

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