But now I have REALLY arrived

Last night, I FINALLY got to see this incredible show at Ars Nova, in which Isaac Oliver combines his heart breaking, ridiculously hilarious prose with poetry with a microphone with a bottle of Rose to Great Success. I’ve been meaning to see it about 9 times and I finally made it. Halfway through the show, to my ABSOLUTE DELIGHT, I discovered that I am now a thing that can be be referenced in the world, a thing that is known enough to conjure some sort of meaning. During Isaac’s short story ‘Dark Place,’ his conscience tortures him with negative thoughts, one being: Everytime you jerk off, Bekah Brunstetter writes a new play. And then there was laughter. And then suddenly, I had really arrived. (Because it wasn’t when Jeff Goldblum lent his voice to my robot play, and it ALSO wasn’t when I peed next to Amy Poehler. Because technically, I’m not even sure if it was her.)

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