I can’t stop drinking these new starbucks drinks that I discovered last week in Chicago. I also can’t stop talking about them to innocent loved ones, which goes something like,

say, have you tried the new Starbucks refresher trademark? Don’t you ever like, want something cold but like, an iced coffee is like, too thick, and it’s super hot out and coffee is just like, gross? Well the new Starbucks Refresher Trademark does something with young or green coffee beans and they do something to them that makes it still caffeinated but green, or something. There’s a pamphlet with some arrows. If you get one, just read the pamphlet. They’re just so refreshing. REFRESHING! Ha. That’s why they’re called the. Um. Just get one.

I officially give the next person to whom I deliver this diatribe  to punch me straight in the face. Now if you’ll pardon me, I have to walk .7 miles to the nearest Starbucks for a Starbucks Refresher Trademark try the Berry Hibiscus with Real Chunks of Fruit.

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