My Mom gave me this North Carolina magazine, I believe it’s called Our State? (Thanks Mom!) which I read cover to cover on the plane back up to more thoroughly pretend like the plane was not shaking like we were stuck in the hand of a giant, ancy baby. The magazine is pretty amazing and gave me this sense of pride / belonging re: NC, which I haven’t really felt much of before. It made me want to visit the little big town of Elkin, make a whole lot of squash casserole, watch an old man make a violin, but mainly: I read about a hurricane that ravaged Southport, NC – just up the street from where my family vacay’s every year – in 1954. I’d heard of this storm, but hadn’t heard the details. It then dawned on me that were I to have a daughter, I should probably name her Hazel, being that it’s also the color of my eyes. When she’s bad I’ll call her Hurricane, when she’s good I’ll take naps.

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