This is my sister from another mother, Blaine:

And this her husband, thankfully also from another mother, Jason:

For going on four years now, Jason has continuously been an amazing husband for my sister, for reasons which I will now present in list form:

– When he first started dating Blaine, he made a huge effort to make friends with her friends – instant points in my book*.

– He knows many things about craft and local beers.

– He lets Blaine be who she is.

-He takes good care of himself.

– He supports her (moving with her to Oregon so she can do her PHD,while he also pursues a Masters in family counseling) but also challenges her (to run marathons. DANG.)

– He seems to love her more and more each year.

– He’s sweet, but knows when to husband it up with the waiter and get us a free pizza, since our Large was more like a Medium, which I am currently eating for lunch. Thanks, husband.

–  He reads my blog every day. HI!

* but what if there were really a book, and I really put points in it?

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