Miss Lilly sadly has closed. It all happened so fast! It was such a stellar production of a play that I’m so nostalgically fond of.  Incredibly specific and nuanced performances, direction that managed the ridiculous leaps in tone, lots of Dolly Parton and real sounds of elephants driving cars into homes. Amazing. Most sadly, I’m bummed to see Harold go (Harold being the life-sized elephant puppet constructed by the incredible James Ortiz, operated by the patient and insightful Adam Blodgett, Aaron McDaniel, and Brian Belcinski.) He was remarkably alive and angsty and vulnerable, both charming and terrifying. BUT, HE LIVES! Apparently Studio 42 has found a place to store him, just in case. So I’ll be visiting him occasionally, checking in with peanut brittle, asking him to do that thing where he wraps his trunk around my waist so I feel small.

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