C’est Fini

Well, I’m back from the Vineyard, this sad fact confirmed by the fact that i just opened up my planner to see what Real People Stuff I have going on this week, and a bunch of sand fell out of it. It’s really muggy and horrible in NYC but, as any true masochist / New Yorker, I’m really happy to back. I have to say, though, I am now officially obsessed with Martha’s Vineyard  and its magical combination of ocean and farm. I  will somehow find a way to vacation there, forever. Equally obsessed with the incredible ladies who run the Vineyard Arts Project – they gave the time, space and input that helped me re-discover a play that i kind of didn’t believe in anymore. Kind, happy, intimate houses of insightful audience folks, a sunlit studio, an arnold palmer with just the tiniest bit of vodka, for courage. Amazing actors and director  who made me feel smart and then subsequently schooled me in whiffle ball. I love it all.

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