To Do(ne) List

This is DIRECTLY inspired by Julien’s awesome 30 in my 30’s list comprised of things she’d like to do in her 30’s. Instead, here are 30 things I have done thusfar, like in life. This is moreso an exercise in reflection than any attempt to convince myself, or the internet, that my life has been all that exciting.

  1. Was conceived. 2. Hung out for 9 months in my Mom’s stomach. 3.Survived a fall in my walker down a flight of concrete stairs. 4. With the assistance of my neighbor, Langhorne, devised and staged an entire circus in my backyard. 5. Became a girl scout. 6. Told Pete to ‘go to hell, you stupid jerk!’ survived this, too. 6. Shared bunkbeds with both Dan and Tim. Also survived this. 6. Survived multiple tornadoes and hurricanes. 7. Swam on a swim team, where I was humiliatingly schooled by 9 year olds. 8. Learned the play the piano. 8. Was baptized. 9. Was a proud member of the Bookit book reading club which rewarded me with MULTIPLE personal pan pizzas. 10. Wrote, illustrated and ‘published’ a ‘Kid’s Book of Advice. 11. Got contacts / braces. 12. WAS A CHEERLEADER YOU GUYS. Only dropped Julien once, and invented multiple cheers. 13. Flew to San Francisco with my Granddad. 14. Appeared in High School productions of Midsummer, Oklahoma, Once Upon a Mattress, Guys and Dolls. 15. PLAYED KATE IN TAMING OF THE SHREW, AND BADLY. 15. Worked at Party City for 3 years. 16. Dated a Guatemalan.  17. Attended and survived Fat Camp.  18. Somehow managed acceptance into, and graduated from the UNC Chapel Hill. 19. Was a student theater producer for 2 years. Also somehow managed at one point to build an entire platform. Survived that, too. 20. Won a student theater award that came with some $, that I instantly put towards: 21. Left the country for the first time in my life and backpacked solo around Europe for 5 weeks. 22. Somehow gained acceptance into and received my MFA from the New School for Drama. 23. Started a theater company.  24. Parlayed a temp job into a real corporate job where I thrived for 3 years and ate MANY a toss your own salad’s. 25. Got my first Off-Broadway production. 26. WENT TO RUSSIA. 27. Got my first TV job and its subsequent health insurance. 28. Started running. 29. Woke up this morning. 30. Wrote this.

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