At which point I Released a Statement

So, there’s been so totally ridiculous hullabaloo in the news the last few days concerning my parents, and something my Mom allegedly said while sitting outside a polling station for a Marriage Protection Amendment soon to be voted on in North Carolina. She’s being accused of saying that my Dad wrote the amendment to ‘protect the Caucasian Race.’  Guess what, the internet? She definitely didn’t say that. I don’t agree with the amendment, but I love and support my parents, as people. Many think I’m crazy for doing so. Few can sympathize,  as it seems these days that most people grow up with the luxury of being raised by parents who they agree with when it comes to most everything. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being raised by Sir and Madame Brunstetter has made me a person who’s more sympathetic to everyone’s beliefs, who is not quick to judge anyone for believing anything. Maybe this is a flaw in my character, but I have to find a way to embrace it as a strength.

I oftentimes form my beliefs  based on my life experiences, and the experiences of the people I love. It’s increasingly difficult, in a world where we have access to ALL information, to decide what we really think, when lies can  be misconstrued as facts, and vice versa. It’s hard to really put your hands on anything. But I know for a fact that my parents aren’t racist and I’ve literally never heard a thing come out of their mouths, in my entire life, that is anything even remotely like what my Mom allegedly said. I know their hearts, as do the slew of friends down in NC who’ve been sending me sweet messages, knowing that it’s total BS. (Thanks, friends.) I don’t claim to know everything and I rarely feel certain about things. (I’m like my Mom. Hi, Mom! I don’t like confrontation and I’m oftentimes in my head.) All I know is that my parents aren’t hateful people. And so, haters: take that.

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