Math, or: How Krispy Kreme paid my Student Loans

1.) In what version of this world have donuts ever been wholesome, and can I return to this version of the world??

2.) I just did some quick donut related math, and it seems that I’ve written 6 full length plays that take place in North Carolina, 4 of which somehow involve Krispy Kreme Donuts. Krispy Kremes were started in my hometown of Winston-Salem – my high school chub can be attributed DIRECTLY to how Hot and Now they always were. My Dad did some law work for them, off of which I loosely based one of my first ten minute plays, THE DONUT EMERGENCY!!!!!. So let’s just say, they’ve always been on my mind. So let’s just also say, it’s time for Krispy Kreme to pay off my student loans. You guys, it’s just simple math.

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