These days, and what the Kids are doing

FYI, these new things called ‘pheromone parties’ are quickly becoming all the rage. Basically, you sleep in a Tshirt for 3 nights, attend said party, place the Tshirt in a bag, and boys sniff it. If they are like: yay! I love the smell of sweat and the tiniest bit of duane reade perfume and mozzerella sticks then they seek you out, based on their response to your smell. It makes sense intellectually, but it kind us makes us seem more like animals than we actual are. ie: One particular meeting went like this.

“The most popular girl with gentlemen’s noses was Sara Nachlis, 25, whose shirt was chosen by nine different guys. “I guess I just smell pretty,” she explained, though she herself was far more discerning.

“I took my time and picked only one shirt,” said Nachlis. “This very handsome boy came up to me and told me that was his shirt. We started talking and I was attracted to him, but didn’t find him very interesting. I ended up making out with him at the party, and now I never want to talk to him again. There is an attraction that comes with pheromones, but it’s not what I’m looking to base a relationship on.”

The conceited robot had no further comments.

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