As I attempt to savor the last few months of my 20’s, I find myself all of the sudden doing and wanting to do large and impulsive and important things. Like I really think I want a tattoo on my ribcage but have no idea what it would be, leaving me to wonder, who or what am I? Also I have a deep and sudden urge to help homeless people in a way that is NOT writing them monologues, but in some actual helpful way, as whenever I see one I’m gripped with a deep sadness, especially if they’re injured or disabled in some way. Lastly, I want to hide in a house and make pies, and super lastly, while thinking about all of these things, I somehow managed to run 4 miles this morning after years of a wimpy 2-3. I think the only rational thing left to do in this situation is to make a list of things I hope to achieve in my 30s. Let’s just keep this trivial.

– Run a Half Marathon.

–  When I was in college I told myself I’d win the Pulitzer Prize for Drama before I was 30, let’s make that anything, like maybe an Obie, and 40.

–  work in a flower store and become a really annoying person who knows a lot about flowers and how to arrange them.

– Spend some time in India or Central America. Do a fair amount of deep thinking in these places.

– Spend more time with non-fiction.

– take some cooking classes that teach me how to do good things with Sauces.

– Sell a screenplay.

– Sell a TV show.

– Finish and sell my Dad and I’s soon to be best seller GET IN THE BOAT!!!!!

–  Hike to a waterfall and swim in / under it.

– Re-read all of Richard Brautigan.


–  Rock a man’s haircut.

I casually  left ‘marriage’ and ‘babies’ off the list, as those are a given, I think. WHO OR WHAT AM I?

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