Things Found / Found Things

Director ( David Chapman), actors and I spent a few hours this afternoon lurking about the UNC Campus, recording conversations and bits of student dialogue. I never realized how hard it is to understand what someone is saying without looking at them, and what’s more, to look at someone without looking like you’re looking at them. In addition to some choice words, I found this dress in the Student Store (renovated! huge! an entire selection devoted to headphones!) which I should probably have:

Old Playmakers theater, also renovated, where my FIRST PLAY EVER was produced:

and the Arboretum, which we lovingly referred to as the Rapeoretum, because apparently, at some point in this Arboretum, someone got raped:

In general, things are bigger, nicer, feel closer together, and where you once walked on a gravel path thing, shortcutting – it to the drama building, there is now a gigantic parking deck.

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