Possibly Monday, March 12, 3:23 PM

All of this bouncing around from LA to New York to Chicago has left me REAL confused about what time it is. Add daylights savings time and I’m not even sure anymore if my name is Bekah. I’ve also noticed that I rarely know what day it is anymore, either. I weirdly long for the structure of the full-time regular hours job. Woe is most CERTAINLY not me, but I must say, I definitely used to have my shiz together in a much more adult and rational way than I do these days, where I do dumb things like mix up dates and accidentally double book myself. Aren’t adults meant to look after themselves, or is this why most of them have assistants? Should I give up and start putting things in my phone and have my phone tell me the things I should be doing? Should I get an intern who reminds me I need toothpaste? Or should I just have the foresight to get it? Does being busier somehow make us regress back to high school when we needed our Moms to wake us up? Questions. In case you’re wondering what I want for my THIRTIETH BIRTHDAY I’M ABOUT TO TURN 30, it’s an intern.

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