The sleeplife of the American Teenager

This week, I’m in rehearsal for the ROBOT PLAY!!!! With the students at the Professional Performing Arts School and it’s going swimmingly. I have about 10 years worth of rewrites left to do, but I really think there’s something stellar there, and the kids are helping me find it. While I call them ‘kids,’ we are oftentimes wearing the same clothes. Am I still in high school, or are they just really mature? I suspect the previous when I look through the journals Stephen had them keep for the first week of rehearsal. Asides from pages of sad, relatable, hilarious things, I’m reminded of how in high school, you are SO TIRED ALL OF THE TIME, and what a huge injustice it was to be woken up before noon on the weekends. I remember how when I was in high school, I would WAKE UP 30 MINUTES EARLY SO I COULD TAKE A SHOWER, PUT ON CLOTHES, AND THEN GO BACK TO SLEEP FOR THIRTY MINUTES. In retrospect, this makes no sense, but that’s how important sleep was to me.

And so, here is my personal It Gets Better campaign: Kids: it gets better. More specifically, you eventually start to feel less violently robbed of sleep, and moreso just a little bit tired, all of the time, and this just starts to feel like life. In a good way!

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