Crazy / Sad

After a delightful evening at Craig’s cabin up at Lake Arrowhead with my co-workers (highlights included: a fight a sports bar, 8 hours of Salon-style no media just sitting around and TALKING, and jalapeno peanut butter pizza for breakfast) – today, I shove all of my things into four (WHEN DID IT BECOME THAT I NEEDED FOUR) suitcases and high-tale it back to NYC. I’m going to miss my little nest and I really, really, need to stop  buying myself a little something from Madewell as a solution to stress / loneliness / listlessness, as eventually, overtime, this creates an entire suitcase worth of sweatered angst. Sad to go, excited to get back to NYC, excited to come back here someday. While I do not tweet, allow me to use this phrase for the first time in my life: hashtag: white girl problems.

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