Of Course

Now that I know that I’ll only be in LA for another monthish, I’m really starting to like it here. You guys, its just nice. Yesterday was beautiful and sunny and I went for a run then lunch with friends then a walk through the farmers market. Gradually I think my New Yorky ennui has been fading to the point where today I even googled a raw diet / juice cleanse, which, for a mere $325, rids you of pounds, ennui and toxins. Apparently when your Saturn is returning or whatever it is that happens as you approach 30, large changes start to work their way through your life – and you can either resist or give into them. Is this happening now? Am I going to have carrot juice for dinner?  I’m stoked to get back to BK and its streets and its smells but equally stoked knowing that I’ll hopefully be spending more time here in the future: Strolling; Cleansing!

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