Where Playwrights are Princesses

Last night, Kim Rosenstock (fellow NYC lady playwright; writer on New Girl) and I patroned other fellow NYC lady playwright Molly Smith Metzler’s play Elemeno Pea at South Coast Repertory, opening night.  Here we all are, a slightly dressed up JV volleyball team (coach: Derek Zasky.) Kim and I were most amazed at the beauty of the space, the production, and the opening itself as an event. I think in New York we can easily burn out on openings, and dare I say it – theater, itself.  We forget that some regional theaters are still thriving – it’s donors get gussied up to attend the openings, and at the after parties, there’s lots of little baby lobster rolls, little clam chowder bowls and shrimp cocktail (and other food thematically tied to Molly’s Martha’s Vineyard-centric play.) As for the production itself – genuinely visually breath-taking, and honestly and hillariously staged. It was so awesome to sit in the back of the house and watch a packed theater of people laugh, feel, and savor a new play by a young lady writer – sans celebrity star, sans whatever- just GOOD. Hurray for regional theater; sparkly shirts!

And in case you’re wondering how many lady playwrights and how many iphones it takes to get from LA to Costa Mesa and back without accidentally missing the 405 seven times – two were definitely not enough.

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