I can’t decide if that’s my favorite picture portraying how taxes are evil and hard, or my favorite picture ON THE INTERNET EVER. Either way, I really have nothing new to add to the complaint pile re: taxes, but given that last year, I attempted to do them myself and then ended up owing an extra $1700, I think that this year, I will seek the help of a professional, ie:

Bekah: Not to use technical terms, but here are all of my stuff and all of my things.

Tax Preparer: Thanks! I’ll do my best. We at H&R block want to make this as painless for you as possible while also making fun of you behind your back for not knowing what anything is. Do you have any itemized deductions?

Bekah: Which are – ?….. Just make things good or at least not bad.

Tax Preparer: Are you an adult?

Bekah: Maybe.

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