Yes, Plane, Yes

I snuck back to NYC to attend the Pants NYC Premiere party. There was something about the impulsiveness of this trip that pretty much convinced me that I was sure to be met with aviation disaster, so I had a particularly panicked flight, at first. As per usual, though, I learned some new tricks to deal with my dumb crazy.

– Sit next to a solider. Find one, and sit next to him. Personify him as your brother, show him pictures of your brothers, and when the turbulence gets real bad, asking him more questions about deer hunting. (Why? How? Why?)

– Watch Footloose and chair-dance.

– Announce to any stewardess that passes that you have flying anxiety, which usually leads to them feeding you free cups of ‘Gingerale’ (smelling strangely of Chardonnay) for the next five hours. As a thank you, tell them your life story.

– Eat Teddy Grahams.

– Organize your Desktop.

– Tell the soldier that you don’t want to Die.

Look at me, working through this! You’re a big girl, you! Who needs therapy, when there are teddy grahams.

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