Divine Arithmetic

I came across this phrase ‘Divine Arithmetic’ when I was reading yesterday and I like it very much. I think it actually can refer to a few things, like how much time you have left on earth and how you should make use of this time – but yesterday’s read was about the mathematics of kindness. ‘The only way to keep money or land is to give it away,’ or, the only true way to be happy is to let go of what you have. And so, what do I have? What could I give?  Which leads me to imagine a scenario in which I present a homeless person with a homemade monologue.

HP: What the crap is this?

Me: it’s a homemade monologue! I wrote it for you!

HP:…..Can I eat it?


HP: Can I sleep in it?

Me: …Metaphorically, maybe?

HP: Come find me when you have a sandwich.

But really, I have time and energy, most of the time, and this is what I should give.

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