Today on Life is a Highway, and for how long I would like to Ride it, I’m really enjoying how TV writing is forcing me to think more simply in terms of storytelling. There’s something very beautiful about how SIMPLE the  architecture of a great story is. We muddy a simple story with all of the crap we put on and around it, but at the heart of it, there’s something very plain, universal and human. We bury this beneath our personal obsessions and experiences, things we find amusing, winks at our current world, etc, and sometimes it takes YEARS to unearth the simple story.

For example, talked to Evan last night about Cutie and Bear. We’re gearing up for a January workshop at the Roundabout. We’ve been working on this play for TWO YEARS, and have had countless conversations about it. Last night, mid-conversation about the play, I SUDDENLY DISCOVERED WHAT THE STORY IS. This incredibly simple sentence just came out of my mouth and suddenly, there it was. And it was magnificent. And it only took me two years to know.

In case you’re wondering how many times I plan on saying simple, it’s five.


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