Stories: how to Make them with your Brain

Google Image search tells me that this Denimed gentleman and that elephant somehow relate to ‘TV stories’ so I’m just going to roll with that.

Today on I’m back in grade school but it’s for TV, STORIES! Here’s the thing: I don’t think being a good writer necessarily means you’re a good storyteller. Case in point: Brunstetter. Spinning stories into unexpected but truthful places has never been my forte. And so, I’m currently trying to re-train my brain to think what if, what if, what if, to think in turns of cause and effect.  My brain works in terms of moments, words and behavior, and I must figure out how to turn these into, like, THINGS, so that things can HAPPEN that can then make other things HAPPEN. Craig said today, I don’t like stories that start with misunderstandings. Watching some Modern Family last night, I saw a bunch of these kinds of stories. BUT – something about them rang false, or frustrating, because the viewer is just burning with IT’S JUST A MISUNDERSTANDING! JUST TALK TO EACH OTHER! and you kind of want to punch them all in the gullet. So whereas in real life, we very often misunderstand each other – this doesn’t necessarily create a satisfying story. I’m really hoping that I might be able to develop this skill over time, and that it’s not too late for me to re-learn how to think my thoughts? So that I can have a career? And I don’t know, maybe someday, a house? With a garden? And a really nice set of kitchen appliances? And my own library? And a grown up bed?

And dresses?

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