On clicking it, and Who is Not

I’m remembering all of these things about ‘cars’ and ‘driving,’ about how you must put gas in the car, about how after it rains, it’s hard to see out the back window. And I keep seeing tons of Click it or ticket signs, which makes me SATC Icouldn’thelpbutwonder, WHO IS NOT CLICKING?! In these days, nay, in these TIMES, who is not buckling their seatbelts? Then I remember how in New York, when one’s pretty much only in a car when it’s a cab or car service, we rarely click it, as if riding in the back of a livery is so not like riding in an actual car, ie, EVEN MORE DANGEROUS. Everyone in New york, please: CLICK IT OR (SOMETHING THAT RHYMES WITH CLICK IT THAT MEANS DEATH.)

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