I Learn Things!

Working on the show kind of makes me feel like I’m back in grad school, which I LOVE. I think it’s kind of a been a while since I’ve learned something new about how to write / how to write well, and I’m absolutely doing that now. TV writing, or I guess, at least, GOOD TV writing, is about telling an unexpected story. A fresh story. The non-predictable story. Pondering this today on my drive home (it’s either pondering, or Accapella Dixie Chicks, these are the options) I realized that my plays are so, so, so predictable. This isn’t necessarily always a bad thing – I’m not the kind of writer who’s good at surprising the audience, but I guess making the journey towards the obvious end specific, funny, and truthful. But what if, WHAT IF, I could also train my brain to think of the more unexpected path? What then? I’ll tell you what then, one of five unique visitors:

I’d probably be a better writer.


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