Woe, and how it is Not Me

Oh hi, it’s me, the luckiest little playwright this side of the Rockies. We finished TVing at one today after a super enlightening and productive morning, the office we’re in is beautiful, I’m pretty sure my boss is a genius, my co-writers seem equally great, and while I am TECHNICALLY homeless until tonight when I can get into my sublet, I found a cheap funny gym and joined up, then found this massive sushi lunch, and am currently doing some work outside at a cute as crap little place called Broome street that SERVES GIMME COFFEE, and will later find a late afternoon showing of Like Crazy and like, maybe some popcorn, so for now, in this moment, 100% genuinely, everything is fine, except for the fact that this is the longest sentence ever, and it’s truly a wonder that I have a master’s degree.

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