there’s no place like Gnome

I’ve gifted myself with this slightly overpriced Anthropologie hoodie thing. It must get cold in LA sometimes? It was found in the pajama section and I had to confirm with an employee that yes, it’s totally fine to wear in public, though honestly, probably would’ve worn it anyways, and will be shocked if three months worth of days go by and I’m not wearing it. This is slightly unrelated but also sort of related to the fact that today’s my last day in Brooklyn. It is of course a PERFECT FALL BROOKLYN DAY. I did my last run,  last awkward conversation with the building maintenance man. I officially now have No Keys, to any home, but rather, 2 dead body sized suitcases, XANAX FOR AIR FLYING, and some pumpkin truffles. I’m sad, sweaty, hooded and optimistic!

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