Halloween at Writopia!

You most certainly cannot have Halloween at Writopia without the writing and reading aloud of scarrrrry storiesssssssss!!!!

The kids were given 45 minutes to write a scarrrrryyy storryyyyyyy with crucial elements of missing fingers, a heartbeat, a missing person, an animal, etc. Darkness, terror, strange things with rats /detectives / ghosts / pandas ensued!

You would THINK, from the slew of scary stories read, I would have had nightmares all night, but instead, Buddy, I dreamt I went with your family to cut down a Christmas Tree, or rather, we sat in the cabin eating cheese, while your Dad looked at trees. This is in no way related to the previous night when I dreamt that I ordered ‘a grilled cheese of biblical proportions,’ and the waiter brought me a grilled cheese the size and shape of the Bible. UNRELATED.

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