I caught up with newly married Marilyn for breakfast, and thanks to her, I finally patroned the best breakfast spot in Williamsburg! It’s called Egg. Guess what they serve, you guys. No seriously. Guess.

EGGS, you idiot.The eggs of  Farm raised free range Hens who all have their own rooms, facebook pages and personal masseuse. Please note that MY egg was served in a large piece of brioche bread, smothered with aged cheddar cheese, and served with a side of kale and broiled tomatoes. It’s paired best with a Idon’treallyhaveajobIshouldbewritingmorewhatshappeningIshouldgowriteascreenplayWHATISMYLIFE mimosa, and when you leave, you should probably accidentally walk right into a table and fall over, but just a little bit.

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