I find all of these brutal images of Gaddafi leading up to, during and after his death REALLY CHILLING. I guess if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be a person. Now everything’s so permanently recordable with our phonethings and decorum is a thing of a past. Not that he deserved decorum. But. It’s terrifying to see HIS terror as he’s about to be murdered. His vulnerability sans his hot lady bodyguards, the wall he’d built between he and his ‘subjects’ completely gone. And it makes me think of how Hitler ordered his body burned so this sort of public humiliation would not happen to him. And it makes me think of Stalin and how millions flocked to see his body when it was first embalmed even though he was a murderer. Or maybe BECAUSE he was a murderer. And then it makes me wonder how savage we really are?  And then, I worry and think.

When I get like this,  just to bring myself back to earth / my realm of experience, it’s important to look at some cute cupcakes.


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