Okay, so Occupy Wall Street has been happening here for a month and I’ve yet to venture down there / really give it tons of thought. There is a monumental and historic event happening, right here, right now, and I’m totally missing it. But here’s the thing about right ‘here:’ NYC, be it an Island, is huge, with a zillion parts and neighborhoods. And I’m not even on that island, I’m on the massive piece of land that is Brooklyn, that has a zillion and TWO parts and neighborhoods, and it’s definitely not like I find myself strolling near Wall Street on a regular basis so I could just Swing By. Maybe I haven’t given this movement much time or thought because I’ve had so much work to do and haven’t had time to really think about it. OR – is that just a really good excuse for apathy? The people who have been camped out for days can do so because they’re unemployed – hence their anger. So what’s my part / responsibility in this event, other than figuring out what’s pissing me off / what I find to be unjust, and coming up with ideas for funny signs? OH, THE SIGNS.

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