Chapel Hill!!!!!

Behold! Franklin street! ie, the strip of civilization in Chapel Hill, NC, where I did my undergrad. It’s pretty non-descript, sure, but holds hidden secrets like Cosmic Cantina and Ye Old Waffle Shop among other things that make your freshman 15 not only inevitable, but enjoyable, and necessary. This lucky playwright gets to return to Chapel Hill and work on a play with the graduate acting students. I’m developing the play with David Chapman, a director who was a year my senior. We’ve both been jonesing to go back and work on something there, and now we GET to. We’re going for a long weekend in November, and then for a few weeks in February to rehearse. Sometimes you want things, and then you GET them! We’re not entirely sure yet what this play will be, but we’ll developing it with and for the actors, and it might have something to do with the history of the campus itself, or Chapel Hill itself. Not sure yet, but for now, most importantly, OPEN EYE COFFEE / LINDA’S CHEESE FRIES / HANGING OUT WITH LAW SKOO BROTHER DAN / WEAVER STREET MARKET / SEEING BLAINE / POSSIBLY THE CHEESE FRIES AGAIN.

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