Newwwwwww Play!

YOU get a play! And YOU get a play!

I am boldly going where probably many playwrights have gone before! Not the Oregon Trail literally, or even inside of the computer game itself – but I’m revisiting a play I started writing 5 years ago. I have eleven pages from way back when. There’s a little Apache Girl named Little Basket, lots of blood and angst. I think some things are salvageable. The story I wanted to tell then, and I think still now, is that of two cases of depression: one on the Oregon Trail in 1845, one Now. I’m really interested in how the reasons we are sad, and the degree to which society tolerates or sadness, have changed, or not changed at all.  The get the gears going, I spent a large part of the weekend researching and playing the Oregon Trail computer game, which I’m going to structure the play after. Remember this game you guys?? Remember?! In the safety of our middle school computer labs, we traversed the country. Loved ones got dysentery; Wagon Axles were lost. What’s weirder, that turmoil and tragedy was turned into a computer game, or that Imma try and write a play about it?

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