It’s the circle of Hairrrrrrrr

Got m’hair clipped! This is something I like to do circa once a year. And they always yell at me. It’s kind of like going to the dentist, except instead of flossing it’s deep conditioning. And, they always cut off way more than I plan to have clipped, because the bottom three inches of my hair are usually totally dead (see: more judgement from aveda hair student. I then try and make small talk, like heh – my hair is so gross! and how bout that helicopter crash?) Lastly, I always end up looking like my Mom, or like some version of me that my Mom would approve of.

In my Mom’s defense, she somehow stomached / paid for me to get bright red hair with giant yellow highlights ALL THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL. I think she knew, or trusted, that I would eventually come full hair-circle, and return to the little velour angel of my youth.


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