Widow Pt. 2!

Today on Chicago is Great, Collaboraction really has done a wonderful job with Widow. Getting a play produced to begin with is such a miracle / gift, I feel so lucky to get a Widow part 2, and so soon after the part 1! I keep thinking / saying this, and I think it’s also true – Chicago is a perfect place for a writer to have their play part 2. I keep hearing from writers that they really found their play in its second production, which is frequently in Chicago.  With widow, I was totally in love with its first production at Ars Nova, so it was more about seeing it in a new light – seeing what this new group of people brought to it. Henceforth / therefore, let’s all move to Chicago and pay 700 bucks for our 2 bedroom and watch our plays unfold in lovely spacious theaters above American Apparels.

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