I spent some time this past week on some fear of flying websites, attempting to self-medicate. People, I am one freak-out away from begging my gynecologist for Xanax. Which would probably cost me around five hundred bucks. Anywhoo, there are actually a lot of what seem to be Pan-Am era retired stewardesses with websites, dolling out fear of flying advice. And more than one suggested that you bring something to do on the plane, like a book! Or a magazine! Or a Puzzle.

A. Duh.

B. Like your favorite book is going to distract you from your EMINENT DEATH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

C. A puzzle? Really? Why would you bring a puzzle on a plane? Does that not sound like the worst idea ever? Or is that the point? You are so angry with yourself for TRYING TO PUT TOGETHER A PUZZLE ON A PLANE that before you know it, you’ve landed?

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