Le Crippled Girl

Last night I was able to catch the Tenant a second and sadly last time (see also: The Tenant, have I mentioned this yet? It’s a site specific meander-through-a-beautiful-old-church-while-six-different-plays-happen-all-around-you type situation. The design is INCREDIBLE.) I penned a lonely and needy concierge, but last night, I decided to stalk the Crippled Girl. Jocelyn’s a core member of Woodshed Collective and ALSO plays a mean Crippled Girl. She’s odd and devastating. I found myself in a back courtyard watching her do the weirdest, saddest ‘exotic dance’ you ever did see, for coins, after she and her mother get kicked out of their tiny apartment.  I sat there thinking – one day, in theory, these days – watching a crippled girl dance exotically on a weird back porch on 86th and Amsterdam – will be the Golden Years. We’ll be in books, people. WE WILL BE IN BOOKS!*

*pending the non-end of the world come 2012.

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