Some Sage Advice

Hey fatties! I’d like you to meet one of my favorite ways to eat craploads of pasta. We might even call this a ‘recipe.’

First! Boil a crapload of pasta. Preferably it’s a giant pasta that’s so giant it makes you feel like a giant italian grandma, like a ziti, or those giant shell things. Simultaneously, make a crapload of sage butter. SAGE BUTTER!!! Put a crapload of butter in a hot pan. Just when you think it’s enough butter, fattie, put a tiny bit more. Take about 30 sweet little sage leaves and place them in the butter until the little guys wilt. JUST before the pasta is fully cooked, put those giant guys straight into that butter with a bit of the boiling water. Stir and stuff. Last but not least, sprinkle / pour / dump about a cup of pecorino romano cheese all over that stuff, and stir. THEN EAT IT, FATTIE! YOU EARNED IT!

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