Spill it girl, spill it. I’ve never been much of one for astrology, like, at all, but I’m finding a lot of of relevance and truth in this whole idea of one’s Saturn returning.

In astrology, the Saturn return is an alleged phenomenon which is described as influencing a person’s life development at 27 to 29 or 30-year intervals. These intervals or “returns” coincide with the approximate time it takes the planet Saturn to make one orbit around the sun, i.e. 29.4 years. It is believed by astrologers that, as Saturn “returns” to the degree in its orbit occupied at the time of birth, a person crosses over a major threshold and enters the next stage of life. With the first Saturn return, a person leaves youth behind and enters adulthood. With the second return, maturity. And with the third and usually final return, a person enters wise old age. These periods are estimated to occur at roughly the ages of 28-30, 56-60 and 84-90. A fourth return occurs for only a few people, at age 114-118.


Or, do we just use this to justify the crazy things we do as we approach 30?

Also, Mom and Dad, ya’lls about to get WISE!

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