Shut up, Moscow. (In Pictures.)

Okay, fanbase. I know you pretend to be intellectuals, hanging on my every literary and multisyllabic word. But I know you just like the pictures. So, here.

Maybe it’s the fact that I finally caved and put the hipstamtic app on my phone, but this city is really beautiful, even in the rain, especially the churches and the architecture, even in the Kremlin, once home to Czars and communism, and lots of other words that shouldn’t all fit into this one sentence, but do.

We had our readings yesterday (I will be bloggy of that later) so, since we’re done with rehearsal, we got to tourist about this morning.

Moscow University:

Ruski wedding car:

Pretty old church!

Candles inside said church:

Soldiers marching inside Kremlin walls!

Another lovely church:

Beautiful swirly garden thing:

MOST IMPORTANTLY, ME. And that kid over there.

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