Baby’s first Symphony!

I’m going to go with these little nugget sized pictures. My options are apparently sobigiteatswholeblog, or nugget. Alors, nugget!

For those of you playing along at home, it only took me 29 years to see a Symphony!

We caught a Brahm and a Rachmaninov at the National Music Hall. It was beautiful. I spent the first 10 minutes taking in all of the evening dresses the women wore, even the ones straddling their cello’s, and wondering what it might be like to have to wear an evening dress every night, and how exciting it would then be to wear anything. Else.

Lisa loves symphonies, and told us how when she was young, her Dad would put on classical music and tell her to close her eyes and listen for the story. And so I did. Thanks to that glass of champagne at intermission, my story was that of a nap. But when I wasn’t asleep, it was spectacular!

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