Stuff and things, so far

For future fundraising purposes, the Lark needs us to journal daily about our Russia trip. Naturally, I will be using my blog and forcing you to read my travel journal. But I’ll try and be fascinating and brief. First and foremost, I made it to Russia / plane did not crash / I even did not freak out during turbulence, thanks to some nice breathing and pressure point pushing things that Lisa taught me. But, I didn’t sleep, and upon arrival, we forced ourselves to stay up / tour the city until now, so I’m pretty much delirious. We were met at the airport by Sweet Annah. We indulged in some nice nine dollar coffees and went to our apartment where we promptly greeted by a large shirtless man in the kitchen doing something with eggs. Lunch was served, with sides of bread for the bread, as well as soup bread, followed by bread.

As previously mentioned, we were determined not to crash so we zombied about town leering at pretty statues and once communist buildings (pictures to come.) The rain sucked, the tired sucked, but we swang by Theater DOC to pick our passports back up – and it was truly incredible to see lines of young people hanging out, waiting to get into that night’s reading. In other, crucial grant writing news, I’m kind of a hungry, so walked up to the 24 hour corner store only to find whole fish, beer and lemons, so tonight, I will have sleep for dinner.

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