RIP, Post Offices

I’m weirdly saddened by the fact that all of these small post offices are closing. It’s one of those times where there’s tangible proof that the world really is changing right in front of us (USPS’s business has gone down TWENTY PERCENT since 2006.)  It’s going to be mostly the branches of the small / adorable variety that close their doors, IE the BEST ones. I love small towns for the very fact that something like a post office, where in a larger city is big and gray and gross, in the small town is quaint, flowered and perhaps used to house general stores. Or slaves. Maybe instead, to save these places, could we bring our emails to post offices? COULDN’T WE?!

We couldn’t. Or rather, we wouldn’t.

Instead, here’s more pictures of cute post offices, which I spent way too much time finding:

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